Keith, a regional member of parliament with the best of intentions and the worst of people skills, is misheard during a television interview. Rather than correct the mistake at the time, he plays along with the misunderstanding in order to save face. This new story turns into good publicity for Keith and it has the potential to propel him into the career of his dreams. Now Keith must decide if he will stoop to a new ethical low and maintain the lie in order to fulfill his dreams, or if he will come clean and go back to obscurity. All this while he avoids becoming the next political scandal in the headline.

Written and Directed by Joel Loxton

Keith knows that the Legend he has become is greater than that truth. So why not print the legend?

The Kangaroo Guy is a short film I wrote and directed. It had its Australian premiere in 2017 at CinefestOZ in WA.  It has also screened in many film festivals around the world, as well as enjoying a release on ABC iview, and Virgin inflight entertainment. I am very grateful to all the people who worked on this film with me.

The Kangaroo Guy has been screened at “CinefestOZ”, “Filmschool Fest Munich”, “Flickerfest”, “Montreal World Film Festival”, “Cinefest Oz”, “Australians in Film screening LA” and many other amazing venues around the world and online.

Joel Loxton

About Joel Loxton

Joel Loxton is an Award-winning Australian Director